About QS Ingredients

Who We Are

QS Ingredients is the UK office for Quality Sprinkles, part of Candy Manufacturer Inc/Quality Sprinkles Group. 

Since 1989, Quality Sprinkles has become one of the world’s leading and innovative manufacturing companies of cake confections using 100% natural ingredients.   

Our manufacturing facility is BRC certified Grade A with Certifications from FDA, Halal and Kosher Boards, and licensed by Disney. 

Working Together

We work with you in fulfilling your requirements and by providing an engaging and affordable service.   Our sweet particulars come in 120 different types of sprinkle and confetti shapes, and in four different sized packaging styles.

We also provide Private Labelling service to your specifications (subject to MOQ).

Product Packaging

Our products are weighed and packaged using our production machinery, offering you a variety of packaging options to service your needs.

  • Re-sealable Pouches

Sprinkles are packaged in re-sealable pouches making them tamper proof and also ensure product freshness.  These pouches are made with Food Safe durable flexible plastic and reduces product damage when in storage or during transport.  Such universal packaging is also more cost and space effective than that of other packaging designs. 

  • Multi Compartment Shaker Bottles

All of our 4 and 6-Cell compartment shaker jars are made from recyclable plastic.  They offer a themed selection of edible cake decorations combined into one jar for ease of use and transport, creating a diverse pantry collection for bakers.

  • Bulk Packs

Available in 12kg and 24kg boxes, our bulk sizes cater for the food service market.

To ensure you have easy reference to your products, each item is bar coded for instant product identification and pack quantities.  Nutritional value and allergy information are clearly labelled to comply with UK labelling rules, and full product specifications are also available.